Feel the love? I do! Thank you.

Sloppy header. Sorry but it's true. I'm quite enjoying being me...at last. I am not an arrogant sort. On the face of it, I may appear outgoing and confident. (On stage that is fairly important I think.) However, when one is naturally shy and thin skinned this music industry can be very cruel.

But, if you're lucky, something happens that gives even the most retiring musician some feeling of worth.

It's taken many years but......I have opted for that "in your face" headline because, for me, it feels like "I AM WORTHY" and here I am willing to share if you'll let me.

This new version of my site is really a collection of EPKs for the various projects I am currently involved in.

Ian Bruce Solo

Bruce, Besch & Bramkamp

Auld Hat New Heids


Bruce & Walker

Flekkefjord Sangforening

Far, Far From Ypres

It's a Long Way To Tipperary

CD Production and Cover Artwork

I hope you find all you need here and that soon we will be working together (again?).


I really don't know but it has something to do with maturity; something to do with the projects I am involved in and the personal compliments that come my way as a result; something to do with the standard of musician that is only too willing to work with me; the venues that gladly accept my return and the feeling of massive group hug when the concert is underway and just finished.

It seems so worth it after all. I've always been treated well but the wee extra that comes with  being a bit of a folk veteran makes me feel snug. (Not sMug!)

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