Best friends make the best music. It's that simple.

They have been best friends for a VERY long time and before that, fans of each other's music and performance.


Ian Bruce's first IW recollections go back to The Forum Folk Club in East Kilbride, Scotland.

IAN WALKER was way up amongst his favourites and vice versa.


It wasn't until they started sharing transport to and from the club they came to know each other a bit better. They found out very quickly they both appreciated similar approaches to Folk Performance.


Neither of them ever intended to play together. Then Ian B. gave Ian W. a few of his songs to listen to. They were on Cassette. (Remember those things that came somewhere between wax cylinders and downloads?)


Mr. W. had heard the Fraser & Ian Bruce L.Ps. and Mr. B. had a copy of Ian W.'s  "Roses In December" Cassette which was recorded and produced by Gavin Livingston. There seemed to be a strong mutual respect.


IB was therefore delighted when he was asked to be on IW's first Fellside Recording "Flying High".  He jumped at the chance. He was further delighted to see that such a fine writer and cherry picker was including two of his songs. When you think of all the songs he could have chosen? Wow!


His "Flying High" went on to win the "MRA (Music Retailers Association) Folk and Country Album of the Year" award.


They played a few gigs to promote the L.P. Then IW's second L.P. "Shadows In Time" included IB and his writing again. They were getting on like a house on fire.


IB was releasing his first Solo recordings in this same period and those albums included one or two of the songs that they were by now co-writing.


All Hunky Dory.


Alas! IB lost his day job which precipitated him into professional musicianship. Ian W. had a young family and a very responsible job. He could not go along with IB. 


Reluctantly, they went back to solo careers although they remained great friends.


19 YEARS LATER - After the hiatus


Ian and Ian had always been each other's agony uncles. IB was there at the beginning of IW's lonely journey back from losing his wife in 2010.


A period of repose brought Ian  W. an unexpected batch of powerful songs which he let IB hear. They collaborated on the fine CD "Singing The River"


It's effectively a very strong collection of Gospel Songs. IB am not a religious man and IW is no evangelist despite his deep faith.


During this period IW met IB's old friend Moe. She very quickly became a huge part of IW's life (and a backing singer on his album).



Ian and Moe got married. IB was best man and even grew hair for the occasion.


2012 - They toured the USA. They went down well!


2012-1013 They wrote a batch of strong songs and recorded an album called "Born To Rottenrow". (They were both born in Glasgow's famous Rottenrow maternity hospital. Many years apart IB always hastens to add. and that he is not the elder Ian. "CHEEK!" Says he.)


Oh dear. They had a problem. All these new songs but they still had not recorded their old favourites under as a duo.

Bruce & Walker

yn Noardewyn Live Omrop Fryslân

(Live on Dutch Television 2015)

The Lea Rig

(Bruce & Walker House Concert

at Kevock Studios)

Some Hae Meat

(Bruce & Walker House Concert

at Kevock Studios)


"Let's make it a double disc! An audio CD of the new songs and a live DVD of some of the historic stuff!"


Ian McCalman (of The McCalmans) agreed to set up a house concert for them at his Kevock Digital Studio


They recorded the CD and edited the DVD footage in Ruglen Digital Studios (IB's studio which is now called The Row Digital Studios) and the resultant package was released on Greentrax Records. 


Since its release they have played Festivals and Clubs throughout Holland and UK receiving a great reaction.


Their paths are once again less intertwined (IB solo etc. and IW with The Ian Walker Band) but on request they would happily reunite if and when asked. Their friendship remains strong.

I Stand Tall - Ian Bruce & Ian Walker
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Ode to an Old Friend - Ian Bruce & Ian Walker
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November Grey - Ian Bruce & Ian Walker
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