Bruce, Besch & Bramkamp on Telly February 2019

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Bruce, Besch & Bramkamp in der Kulturschmiede in Arnsberg

Bruce, Besch & Bramkamp in der Kulturschmiede in Arnsberg
Another Saturday Night
Bruce, Besch & Bramkamp in der Kulturschmiede in Arnsberg
Arnsberg Videos by Manfred Ewald


(with regular drummer Deckert)


This is a band that has evolved and matured slowly and carefully. As mentioned in Ian Bruce's "Solo Biography",  Heidi Stagge thought it would be a good idea to link Victor Besch and Ian Bruce and promote them as "Robert Burns etc..." Ian and Vic were already good friends but had never considered working together. However, with Heidi at the helm they had a very strong manager and effectively a trio. They worked on an act and between the three of them Ian Bruce & Victor Besch were playing two full concert tours a year throughout Germany. 

Ian had already been heavily involved with Robert Burns material and Dr. Fred Freeman's production, for Linn Records, "The Complete Songs of Robert Burns" to great acclaim. Victor, a fluent German speaker learned the background of their repertoire to give the audience a fair idea of what they were singing about. Venues like Volkshochschülen, Kulturzentrüms, Folk Festivals, Folk Clubs Burns Societies and Scotch Whisky Clubs would lap them up.

This was all blended with Ian Bruce originals and Victor Besch pipe tunes. You can probably already feel the power of this line-up before even hearing it?

It was even stronger in reality.

They released their first album together "The Orange and The Rowan" in 2003. All instruments were played by themselves and recorded at Ian's home studio in Dumfries, Scotland. It continues to sell well.

Basically they just kept getting stronger and stronger and the "etcetera" increased as the "Robert Burns" lessened slightly. At this point they recorded and released their second CD "Above Wild Water". This release achieved Album of the Week on BBC Radio Scotland and Ian was their "Songwriter of the Week" the next week. It is a very well liked CD. It contained several joint Bruce & Besch compositions which were amongst the strongest of the package.

All this time Katharina Bramkamp, a very capable singer and keen recorder player, had been increasing her appreciation of Ian as a solo artist and then Ian and Victor as a duo. She and her husband Thomas were regulars at their gigs. They all became close friends and it wasn't long before it was realised that musically they fitted together like a jig-saw. So much so that Katharina and her friend and excellent drummer/percussionist Frank Deckert were asked to play with the boys for the recording of their next CD which was recorded live at Würg, Wülfrath, Germany.

This album is very strong and so is the foursome's stage performance. The most recent tour (February 2018) was a resounding success. Full houses, standing ovations and impressive CD sales. Katharina organises these concert tours and you should be encouraged to try to have them at a venue near you. CONTACT Katharina now.

Victor is a clever man. Victor is a crazy man. Victor is a friendly man. Victor is a generous man. Victor is a lot of things. Victor just is! 

What he is more than anything is a very keen musician. He cannot resist picking up instruments if they're lying around. Before you know it there's music streaming from the lifted instrument whether it be a recorder, accordion, guitar, bagpipes, etc. He is less keen to "pick up" a piano but he is drawn to them like a moth to a flame. He'll regale us with anything from pop classics to full self penned concertos. (Whether you want it or not. LOL!)

Victor is Welsh! His mother is Chilean and his father was English. He has always spoken English and Spanish and when he moved to Germany in the late eighties he naturally took up the local lingo and became fluent in that too. Having a German wife helped with that.

Herr. Besch, being a very keen bagpiper (as is his brother Joe) founded Crest-of-Gordon. A Bremer award winning pipe band. He also joined a very popular local folk band Big Matten and instantly widened their scope with his musicality and keen harmony singing.

Victor first attended an Ian Bruce gig at the Shakespeare Centre in Bremen. He became an instant fan and therefore jumped at the possibility of joining him to go on the road.

You will have already read that Bruce & Besch have gone from strength to strength and now have taken Bramkamp (and Deckert) on to form a trio (ofttimes quartet).

He remains a resident of Bremen with no intention of moving back to his native roots, especially with Brexit just around the corner.

About VICTOR BESCH (Please click HERE to read Victor's own words.)
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