TBH...I had never heard of Ian Bruce until it was suggested to me that he would be the right person to record and produce some of my song's. 


Like anyone would do in this situation, I researched Ian to find out what he was all about and I was astonished at his achievements and obvious talents.


We started working together along with my band Sairbanes and right from the start Ian impressed me as a person full of warmth, humour and a great love for music. As a producer he is simply brilliant. He put his everything into our songs suggesting changes and generally keeping us right and I was delighted with the end results. His involvement went further than I'd ever expected and his talent as a fellow singer / songwriter shone like the Sun. 


I went along to one of his recent gigs and watched him woo an audience to ecstacy with his wonderful voice and amazing skills. His witty anecdotes in between the great songs were colourful, funny and endearing and the audience, of which I was part, witnessed the scope of Ian Bruce. A fantastic performer and songwriter as well as a total Wizard in the studio. If anyone is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend any of Ian's gigs they most certainly won't be disappointed. Likewise anyone fortunate enough to get the chance to work with him in his studio.


Billy McKean (Singer/Songwriter and band member of 'Sairbanes") 

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