VICTOR BESCH ...on himself


- Victor Christian Besch


- 25th July 1960


- UWIST, Cardiff. University of Hamburg, Germany, University of Bremen, Germany


- Joseph Leonard Besch, Farnborough


- Alicia Delphina Fernandez de Soto


- Sibylle Lüer


- Ian, Katharina, Hector and Standy

Victor Christian BESCH


The Folk revival of the 1960s provided the backdrop for my interest in folk music generally and that of the Celts in particular. The Great Highland Bagpipe was my first instrument which I started learning at the age of five. That learning, even after 54 years, is still a continuous process and one which I enjoy greatly. In my competitive years I was successful “on the boards” in Germany, Belgium, Holland and Denmark (though never took part in my native GB). I now concentrate more on seminars, workshops and adjudication.

Other instruments include guitar, button accordions, piano and recorders. All of these have been used in various combinations and with different bands over the years, but the genre has generally remained the same. Now, working with Ian and Katharina opens up new avenues within that genre and I always look forward to working with them to explore where those avenues take us. I like to explore the humorous, the dramatic, the melodious components in a piece and derive great satisfaction in creating an allegory of those elements... even more so when achieving those goals in a humorous, friendly and competent team; thanks guys and long may it continue!

Bagpipe Medley 1 - Crest of Gordon Pipe Band
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Bagpipe Medley 2 - Crest of Gordon Pipe Band
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The Ballad of St. Anne's Reel - Big Matten
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Victor Besch
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